SVB Energy International Videos 2023

Sara Vakhshouri on Oil, Russia, and the Middle Eas

Capital Street Blood, November 2023

Discussion with HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi Energy Minister
The 7th Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, October 2023

The Future of Energy: Security and Sustainability for MENA and Beyond
September 2023

The panel examined opportunities and challenges for sustainable energy in the region. “We have some unexpected demand coming up: AI. No one knows how it will grow… and the clouds and languages are evolving. No one knows how much energy AI is going to need in the future.” -Dr. Sara Vakhshouri

Petro Diplomacy Conference, June 2023
Ben Cahill, Adam Sieminski, Dr. Sara Vakhshouri Founder  and Kate Dourian shared a panel discussion on Decarbonization Pathway in The GCC. 

Global Energy Security: The Role of Canada
IWP, April 2023

Dr. Vakhshouri hosted a panel discussion on issues concerning global energy security and Canada's role in supplying an alternative solution, with Mr. James Rajotte Alberta’s Senior Representative to the United States Mr. Craig Weichel Counsellor and Program Manager for Energy and Environment at the Embassy of Canada. 

Gulf Intelligence
March 8, 2023

Daily Energy Markets Podcast

January 2023

Sara Vakhshouri, SVB Energy International founder & president, discusses oil markets and SPR releases. She speaks to David Westin on "Bloomberg's Balance of Power."

January 2023

Sara Vakhshouri, president & founder SVB Energy International, discusses what's ahead for energy markets in 2023. She speaks with Joe Mathieu and Annmarie Hordern on Bloomberg's "Balance of Power."

Asharq News, January 2023
كيف تسهم عودة العلاقات بين أميركا وفنزويلا بدعم مادة الديزل؟ وإلى أي مدى ستكثّف روسيا من تصدير مادة الديزل قبل سريان العقوبات؟